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Body Transformations

At Kerry's Fitness Studio, one of the things that we are most proud of is the lasting impact that we have on so many of our client's lives.

This page highlights a few of the amazing transformations our client's have been through and highlights just some of the benefits of working with Kerry's Fitness Studio, Liverpool.

Libby's story


The picture on the left was taken in July 2018. I was in a terrible place – both mentally and physically. After a sudden bereavement in my family, I was depressed and turned to food as a source of comfort and my weight shot up. One morning I woke up and decided enough was enough, it was time to get my act together. The picture on the right is exactly 12 weeks (and a stone) later, all thanks to the amazing Kerry and her studio.


I’ve always suffered with anxiety and felt particularly intimidated in gyms, so starting with Kerry at the studio was a big thing for me, but I am SO glad that I did. The gym is the opposite of intimidating, everyone there is so friendly and supportive, I’ve made friends on my journey. I train 1 on 1 with Kerry for an hour once a week, but all day every day Kerry is always on the end of the phone to help me plan my meals and support me through the week. I also attend as many classes as my busy schedule allows me – my favourite’s being Katie’s Monday 6pm – the perfect way to start the week!

And Linda’s boxing at 9am Saturday mornings is a fantastic way to burn off any Gin’s from the night before(!)


I still have a long way to go on my weight loss journey, but thanks to Kerry and the team its now just a way of life. I no longer turn to ‘fad diets’ or Google ‘how to lose a stone in a week’ before my holidays, because my clean eating and daily exercise has just become a routine that I thoroughly enjoy. I’m in a much better place mentally, and truly believe this is thanks to not only being happier in my skin but the exhilaration that I get whilst exercising has been a fantastic therapy for me.

I couldn’t recommend Kerry and the team more.

Lorraine's story


You have the strength to change your life. Everything you achieved is through proper nutrition and training.  The worst regret that you can have is not even trying.  It doesn’t matter that you failed 100 times, just give it another go.


No one else can do the work for you. This is your job 💪🏻 not your family, nor your friends or a personal trainer, it’s all up to YOU to make the first step 👌😘


I get hundreds of messages daily from people asking for help. You can have myself and fitness team as your buddy and make this journey easier. That’s why you don’t have an excuse to say you don’t know where to start from 👊🏻.



5 weeks in...

Body transformation.jpg

This is taking so much for me to do this as I am so embarrassed as I hate my body - but also feeling really proud that I have completed my first 5 weeks on my new journey and I am finally starting to see the results. Honestly so happy right now can't stop smiling. Kerry's Fitness Studio is a miracle worker.

Thank you so much for helping me get this far - no stopping me now. 💪🏻😁 So excited now to see what my picture is going to look like in the next 5 weeks 😁👍🏻

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