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About Kerry Russell


I am 50-year-old personal trainer who has over 30 years of professional experience. Health, wellbeing and fitness have always been passions of mine and helping people achieve their fitness goals, seeing their self-confidence grow and watching them succeed have also been key to my career as a personal trainer. Aside from fitness, I am always challenging myself and love to learn and grown as a person. My love of traveling and experiencing other cultures enriches both my life personally and my working fitness practice. 


When I was 15 years old, I left school and began my first placement in a Women’s-only gym before working for Liverpool City Council’s Lifestyles gyms. Then in December 1996 I decided to move to Los Angeles so I could focus on increasing my knowledge of fitness from a range of industry experts. 


During my time in LA, I worked with a wide range of clients. I particularly enjoyed working within a Drug and Alcohol rehabilitation program where patients would visit for 2-hour PT sessions as part of their rehabilitation therapy. Here we would focus on the importance of physical strengthening whilst detoxing the body. I find these transformative moments – when you see your work having a direct and positive influence on people’s lives - to be the most rewarding part about being a PT and this is what maintains my passion and purpose in what I do. Not only do personal trainers work towards physical health but mental and emotional wellbeing too.


When I returned to the UK, I set up Kerry’s Fitness Studio. Whilst I tend to provide overall fitness and strength training programmes that are suitable and inclusive to everybody, Over the years, I’ve enjoyed helping to build and maintain a community of PTs and clients. As part of my working practice, I have been committed to helping others realise their dreams of becoming PTs and establishing their own careers through mentoring and providing studio space for them to work within. 


Overall, I have many years’ experience in the fitness industry spanning both the UK and US. I feel that this is the right time for me to share my versatile experience and knowledge with a wider audience. I strive to change people’s lives by helping them achieve their goals of improved physical and mental wellbeing.


About the Studio

Our studio is a female-orientated fitness studio in the heart of South Liverpool where community, fitness and friendliness fuse together to bring brilliant results, confidence and a healthy lifestyle.

We welcome you to the studio for classes - no matter what your fitness level, goals or workout experience. All classes are for woman and suitable for post natal .


At the studio we provide:


  • Personal Training (121)

  • Buddy up (2 people)

  • Group Training (3/6 people)

  • Woman-only classes 

  • 10 day ketone challenges 

  • Supplements and more 


All personal trainer based at the studio are female and are all level 3 instructors.


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